How to be a perfect photographer ?

Mistakes that a beginner photographer must avoid We all made mistakes in our lives, and mistakes are such things that resemble are we are learning new things. None of us is an expert in gaining new skills, and we all make mistakes. For example, while talking about the photographers, then they also make a mistake … Read more

5 Best budget friendly camera to buy in 2020

List of 5 best Budget Friendly Cameras to have right now Getting budget-friendly cameras, which clicks a fantastic picture, is the primary priority of today’s camera users. But we know how much it is difficult to get the best as well as budget-friendly cameras. If you are seeking for such cameras, then here is the … Read more

What are the best use of ultra wide angle lens?

Top uses of the Ultra Wide-angle Lens Due to the immense boost in lens designing, the designers have designed the best lens to get a more comprehensive view of the landscape. Ultra-wide glass is here to produce a more comprehensive light than the standard lens. A standard lens covers the 47 degrees while an ultra-wide-angle … Read more

How to capture perfect photos of kids?

Tips and tricks that can help you in capturing perfect photos of your kids The people who have ever tried children’s photography knew that it is not a cakewalk to click a satisfying picture. They don’t listen to the instructions, changes their expression in the fractions of seconds. So it becomes extremely challenging to get … Read more

Nikon School offering free online class for this month

World is fighting with the covid -19 (corona virus) disaster and when whole world is in lockdown position Nikon USA has made a great initiative to keep photographer inspired and creative by making its entire Nikon School online free for this (April) month. Nikon’s mission has always been to empower creators. In these uncertain times, … Read more