How to improve photography skills during lockdown period?

How to improve photography skills We are going through that period when everything is a lock-down due to corona-virus, and we cannot enjoy our regular activities like shopping, walking on the roads, jogging, or even we cannot enjoy our favorite street food. We all are worried as our businesses are not working during the lockdown … Read more

6 ways to photograph better picture using smartphone in 2021

Equipment to Click Better Pictures from smartphone In the year 2020, we come across different equipment, which can help in making our work quite more comfortable and better. While talking about the photography equipment, then they change each year, and each year, the new features go to add in the particular tool to match the … Read more

How to photograph forest and trees

Best tips for forest photography If we say that forest photography is one of the most challenging genres of photography, then it will not wrong. Being the most challenging genre of photography, still, people follow it because the reward is high while you capture the desired shot. Here are the best tips for forest photography. … Read more