Do Polaroid Films Fade?

Do Polaroids Fade?

Do Polaroids Fade? In recent times, the Polaroid cameras or the instant cameras have boomed the photography world. Over the last few years, the trend of polaroid cameras has experienced a high tide of popularity. Several companies have capitalized on the hype of nostalgic instant cameras. Tons of new models of instant cameras have been … Read more

What Is A Good Shutter Speed for Handheld?

What Is A Good Shutter Speed for Handheld?

What is A Good Shutter Speed for Handheld? Shutter Speed is one of the essential settings for your camera. You can play with the looks of the whole image, varying the shutter speed. Shutter Speed is solely responsible for various aspects, such as varying the photographer’s brightness and creating dramatic effects by either blurring motion … Read more

Does Apertures Affect Sharpness?

Do Apertures Affect Sharpness

Does Apertures Affect Sharpness? Aperture is one of the three most prominent components that crafts quality images, besides ISO and shutter speed. Having a firm grip on aperture boosts your skills to click amazing pictures pretty quickly. A camera is the ultimate companion for a photography lover. Therefore, being a photography lover, you would love … Read more