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MWAC Headquarter is in the Udaipur.

Man with a camera was founded by Rohit Kothari in the year 2012.

Man with a camera is a team for expert and experienced photographers who believe to capture the wedding in its true essence and like to keep things raw and grounded.

We just don’t believe in covering wedding rather we cover love stories; we cover people not falling in love but rising in love.

“LOVE” is not just a four letter word for us, but a frame for creating memories forever. We believe in gaining the trust of our clients. We are nomad travelers who love to travel across the world to capture the scenery, nature with the eye of their camera. Apart from that we are well know Destination wedding photographer in Udaipur.

We do aerial cinematography, underwater, slow motion, 360 degree videos whenever required to make the film visually appealing.

About Us
About Us
About Us

MWAC Progress in Recent Years

MAN WITH A CAMERA started as a traveler photographer in the year 2010 which extended his arms in the field of wedding photography in the year 2012 followed by product and virtual videos in 2015.

MWAC won various state and central level photography competitions. It has captured the main heads in well know magazines and newspaper many a times. They has also worked for lonely planet.

They were the one who first introduced 360 degree videos and images depicting virtual reality to its clients all over the Rajasthan.

“We are experts who make products that help our clients and their audience lead better, easier, happier lives.”
  • Nikhil S. Jyani
    Nikhil S. Jyani DOP
  • Rohit Kothari
    Rohit Kothari CEO
  • Hitesh Soni
    Hitesh Soni cinematographer
  • Aayush Devpura
    Aayush Devpura photographer
  • Kabir Jethi
    Kabir Jethi photographer

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