5 Best DSLR cameras under 30000 in India 2021

5 Best DSLR cameras under 30000 in India 2021

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Photography allows us to take over our imagination and come up with a creative style. Now, a professional photographer must utilize the best DSLR camera which addresses to deliver an HD photo forever. If you feel a good image taken by the professionals, the reason is a DSLR camera. As a result, everyone is using the DSLR camera that provides a hassle-free experience forever. Do you need reliable and best dslr cameras under 30000 in india? Then the post is helpful for you. It shall discuss the best DSLR camera for your benefit. 

Let us see the 5 best dslr cameras under 30000 in India.

List of 5 Top dslr camera under 30000 in India

ImageDslr camera under 30000User ReviewLatest Amazon Price
Nikon D3500 W/AF-P DX DSLR4.4/5Amazon Price
Canon EOS 1500D 24.1 MP digital camera4.4/5Amazon Price
Fujifilm A74.2/5Amazon Price
Canon 3000D DSLR4/5Amazon Price
Canon SX540HS4.2/5Amazon Price

5 best dslr cameras under 30000 in india

1. Nikon D3500 W/AF-P DX DSLR

When you need a good image quality experience in taking photos and videos, the Nikon D3500 W/AF-P DX DSLR camera is the right choice for you. However, you can take remarkable images with this camera. It has lots of unique features that do not take much time to capture. As a result, it has an image sensor that the colors on the images are super vivid and light forever. The video quality is pretty good and able to capture every moment live. 

nikon 3500


  • The shutter feature comes with 5 frames per second with a high-quality resolution
  • The camera has nicely captured quick, fast-moving, and amazing moments
  • One can sharpen the images as well by using the acoustic shutter feature. 
  • It comes under the AF lock system and able to focus on a specific moving object
  • Good image quality under the budget
  • Long-lasting battery which has 1550 shots
  • It has Bluetooth 4.1 and remote control
  • New Expeed 4 processor
  • Easy image transfer via Snapbridge
  • No Wifi, NFC and Microphone port

2. Canon EOS 1500D 24.1 MP digital camera

Are you looking for the best dslr cameras under 30000 in india? Then, Canon EOS 1500D 24.1 MP digital camera is the right choice. This DSLR camera has significantly personalized features at every step. The aspect ratio can be changed according to the user requirement. By using beautiful Boken options, it has an APS-C size CMOS sensor and image processor. The DIGIC 4+imaging processor receives the light received by the sensor. The UPS of this canon DSLR enables the photography with nice superb clarity even in low light. It has a shoot by ambience feature which enables different effects to the images. 

canon 1500 D


  • Users can use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC to share images and videos on social media
  • It enables photography taken with superb clarity using EOS movie creator
  • The telephoto zoom lens enables to give auto focal length EF 55 to 250mm
  • It provides delicate and high-quality images as well using ISO speeds with low noise
  • It is completely user friendly to the user
  • It has an excellent battery back up options
  • There is no lag in the live mode operation
  • They can use in Wi-FI, and Built-in flash mode
  • There is no microphone port and for the UHS memory card
  • No shortcut option for changing F Stop
  • Flash can be flicker and target may disturb 

3. Fujifilm A7

Fujifilm is a top-notch and best budget DSLR camera. People consider this as the best one due to its unique and amazing features. For its excellent color science and affordable 4K video recording, customers prefer this one as their favorite. Of course, the Fujifilm camera has lots of things to notice when purchasing. They depend on user interface options and avail with video quality options. The video features are excellent and have lots of unique options when taking photos. So, you will find this DSLR camera is your best choice. You can prefer them with a user interface and option for 4K video recording capabilities. 

Fujifilm A7


  • Fujifilm A7 looks pretty average with specs and price. 
  • It comes with excellent image quality and has promotional materials
  • You can use them whenever, wherever, and however with their unique design
  • It is useful for taking a great selfie with Eye AF
  • Excellent image quality with sharpening images
  • It is sharp, clear shots even in poor light
  • It has simulation modes
  • Unexceptional autofocus
  • There is no viewfinder
  • Sluggish zoom control on 15-45mm kit lens
  • Can be tricky at some time

4. Canon 3000D DSLR

Do you need a high quality and best low price dslr camera? Canon 3000D DSLR cameras are the right choice for you. It is pretty light and you can carry it anytime anywhere. You can also take this for a long walk and move with some snaps along the way. The buttons on this camera are user-friendly and do not get repair easily. This makes it easier to access anywhere and consider controlling the camera easily. People like this camera very much due to its unique features. It is simpler to use and implemented with some snaps as a good choice.

caon eos 3000D


  • The user guide manual is read to access before we can use
  • It comes under a 2-year warranty card for safe options
  • The charging USB cable is available along with it
  • You can store photos using a 16 GB memory card
  • There is a battery charger and include a carry case 
  • The LCDs 2.7 and consider with a high-quality image
  • The video button can be used to zoom in and out options
  • Comes with built-in Wi-Fi and NFC
  • It has AE bracketing
  • Has touch lighting sensor and HDR
  • Light and easy to hold forever
  • Comes with 16GB card
  • Its burst mode is wanting
  • Images get noisier 
  • There is a fixed screen

5. Canon SX540HS

The Canon SX540HS is the ideal option for a photographer. The Story Highlights include utilizes Canon’s unique calculation to make a novel collection with a storyline from your still pictures. Utilize this information to assemble a film for around a few minutes. Add music tracks from the inbuilt music library and have a whale of a time. The DIGIC 6 processor lessens commotion levels in any event while catching Nature’s excellence in low lighting conditions. The Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth availability highlights permit you to shoot your photographs and offer them in a flash on your online media profiles.

Canon SX540HS


  • The Canon SX540 HS is compatible with both iOS and Android phones.
  • The shoot and share options are so unique when compare to others
  • Canon original aim is to create a unique album with a storyline option
  • The AF feature permits you to take long photos
  • It comes under excellent configuration
  • The ideal camera for professionals
  • Battery backup issues
  • Zoom features need lots of improvements

Things to consider for buying the best dslr cameras in India under 30000

Buying a best affordable dslr camera for under 30000 considers lots of things in mind. When you decide to purchase the branded one, certain things should keep in mind. You encounter various terms such as sensors, processors, ISO shutters, and so on. Before making a purchase, you should kindly note down certain things that you consider in mind.

Shutter quality

DSLRs are generally more sizable than reduced simple-to-use cameras yet there is a reasonable piece of variety in size between them too. A few picture takers wouldn’t fret hauling around profound stuff however in case you will utilize it in a hurry during travel photography. At that point, little and light models can be extremely helpful. Since the decision of a DSLR straightforwardly influences the kind of focal points being utilized, this is the main significant advance. 


Perhaps the main attributes to consider while picking your optimal DSLR is its viable arrangement of focal points. Focal points are, fairly ostensibly, the main devices for raising the genuine nature of symbolism and can be the integral factor between expertly delivered photos and normal previews. Mull over any at present claimed focal points and whether they are viable with various DSLRs of interest. 

Sensor Size 

APS-C-sized sensors, likewise called DX-design or trimmed sensors, are the most well-known sensor size found in most passage level, mid-range, and even some expert evaluation DSLRs. This sensor size is marginally more modest than a full-outline sensor, which depends on the customary 35mm film-outline region: around 36 x 24mm. This more modest sensor size gives a smaller clear field of view when shooting with a similar central length focal point since the sensor is a predefined yield of the picture circle that is spoken to in 35mm/full-outline terms. 

Dust Protection 

Another component that has begun showing up in the most recent round of cameras is picture sensor dust security. Something that will help ease a great deal of disappointment that numerous DSLR photographic artists have. To this point, this is a component that is essentially on lower-end DSLRs however it will undoubtedly show up on new expert models moreover. 

Structure Factor Considerations 

Other than the size of the sensor, different variables decide the by and large actual size and weight of a DSLR. Different components like the viewfinder type, LCD screen size, coordinated battery grasp, and different highlights would all be able to influence how enormous and substantial a camera is. Quite possibly the most significant element in weight is the material used to develop the body: ordinarily some sort of a metal undercarriage, an all-polycarbonate plan, or a half and half of the two.

F.A.Q. on Best dslr camera under 30000 In India

  1. What makes a good DSLR camera?

    A good image and video quality and battery backup make a DSLR camera good.

  2. What is the most important thing in a DSLR camera?

    We should consider processor and image Megapixels in DSLR camera as important.

  3. Can the DSLR lens be replaceable?

    Of course, one can replace lenses easily 

  4. Is there a long-lasting battery backup option?

    Yes, some branded DSLR camera has long battery backup options

  5. Why we should choose a quality lens for a DSLR camera?

    We should prefer the high-quality lens to get a crystal clear picture quality


Purchasing the best dslr cameras under 30000 in india is very essential by taking certain considerations. Of course, this post will be helpful for users who want to pick the best DSLR camera. This post has some of the 5 best dslr cameras with their features and important considerations. Hope, this is useful for beginners and professional to read this article.  

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