5 best DSLR cameras under 60000 in India 2021

5 best DSLR cameras under 60000 in India 2021

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DSLR cameras in India are quite popular for their immense range of capabilities. They are good in terms of the relation, processor, connectivity options, ISO, battery, and the warranty period.

In this article, you will come to know about the top best DSLR cameras under 60000 in India that are worth buying in India under 60000.

List of top 5 DSLR camera under 60000 in india

ImageDSLR camera under 60000User ReviewLatest Amazon Price
Canon EOS 1500D4.4/5Amazon Price
Canon power shot G7X MARK II4.6/5Amazon Price
Canon Powershot SX4303.7/5Amazon Price
Sony Alpha ILCE 6000L4.4/5Amazon Price
Canon EOS 200D II4.5/5Amazon Price

5 best DSLR cameras under 60000 in India

1.Canon EOS 1500D

The aps-c CMOS sensor with the 24.1-megapixel best budget DSLR camera is good with the ISO options ranging between 100 and 6400. The sensitivity range with image processor Digic 4 and autofocus points makes it good enough for speed and accuracy. If you’re looking for good photography with its appropriate video resolution and full HD capabilities, it’s worth using this camera.

canon eos 1500d


  • It comes with manual control and selectable frame rates as well.
  • You will get connectivity options like Wi-Fi in NFC and Bluetooth.
  • Built-in, the type EF’s lens mount ensures that it is good enough with the Mount capability.
  • The well-designed model comes with significant background blurring abilities.
  • The imaging processor is standard over many competitive models.
  • Overall, it is good enough for the delicate, natural, and high-quality images that it delivers.
  • The resolution is perfect
  • The viewfinder is good
  • It is easy to use
  • It is good for beginners
  • The battery life is amazing
  • The autofocus isn’t appropriate

2. Canon power shot G7X MARK II

The new Digic 7 image processing best affordable DSLR camera comes with a 20.1 megapixel and 1-inch type CMOS sensor. Overall the 4.2 X optical zoom capabilities between 24 and 100 meters make it stand out. This is also having the three touch-sensitive type LCD monitor that makes it good enough.

Canon Power Shot G7X Mark II Digital


  • The screen and compact body make it the ideal travel camera.
  • It also has eight FPS shooting video capture capabilities.
  • The PowerShot camera comes with a large one-inch sensor and a good resolution and tonal gradation.
  • It will be working better over competitive models. Overall, the improved AF and powerful Digic 7 not only improves the image quality but will also be responsible for the delivery of the amount of information from the sensors that can be further put into use.
  • It can work good in low light conditions
  • The picture quality is great
  • It is value for money camera
  • The warmth is not up to the mark

3.Canon Powershot SX430

The camera with the 45x optical zoom boasts 90x zoom plus capabilities. Overall this is a 20 Megapixel sensor best low price DSLR camera that comes with intelligent interfaces Wi-Fi and NFC support. The amazing optical zoom capability ensures that it will be giving the impressive close up according to your needs.

Canon Powershot SX430


  • The better stable images ensure that it will be working with over the competitor models.
  • The ergonomic grip will be allowing better handling, which is in particular good enough for recording videos and ensuring stable images.
  • The Wi-Fi network feature also ensures that it will be sharing images readily on social media without further problems.
  • It is good; it is perfect for beginners.
  • It is easy to use
  • The picture quality is amazing
  • The image stabilization functioning is good
  • The autofocus isn’t up to the mark

4.Sony Alpha ILCE 6000L

24.3 megapixel CMOS sensor-based DSLR camera comes with a good image processing engine as well. The focus with the first hybrid and 179 AF points makes it an amazing best budget DSLR camera within the price range. Overall if you’re looking for crystal clear and crisp pictures just like that of the professionals, it’s worth buying this. It comes in the form of a digital SLR camera that will be allowing you to enjoy advanced features like the multi-interface.

Sony Alpha ILCE 6000L


  • It can give you support in getting access to the accessories. It has the good capability of shooting movies and still images with a high-capacity flash unit.
  • It can also use the user interface that is easily customizable for faster and swifter access to the other functions.
  • It has a built-in flash that will be reducing the camera shaking and blurring.
  • Overall it is a good camera that ensures good focus for the sharp focus on the moving objects.
  • Even if you’re looking for a good quality resolution capability, it’s worth considering this camera that uses the 11 APS continuous shooting with AF tracking.
  • It has a wide range of native mirrorless lenses that will be giving you connect to high-end resolution and beautiful bokeh.
  • The quality of the images is great
  • The Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity is amazing
  • Continuous shooting with AF tracking availability is amazing
  • It is not good for beginners

5. Canon EOS 200D II

The digit 8 processor DSLR camera comes with the AF is approximately a 24.1 megapixel CMOS sensor. The good camera comes with the 9.8 during the optical viewfinder shooting. Overall, the dual pixel and eye detection capability make it stand out.

Canon EOS 200D II


  • It also comes with a 16GB memory card and a bag.
  • The 4K movie causes the focusing distance to ensure that it will be working even in the 4K time-lapse movies. Overall the dual pixel AF ensures that it will be shooting the human objects and up to 3975 AF point positions.
  • The creative assistance is good enough for letting you choose the effect that you want. It can be fruitful enough in working with the real-time entities. The bright color makes it amazing.
  • You can also control it with the help of the shutter button. The 4K video recording capability makes it good enough to capture the most realistic expression possible. Overall, it uses the Ultra Wide Angle and takes a photo that ensures capturing the good background expression and the movie shooting in the dark scenes.
  • It is easy to use
  • It is great for beginnings
  • Low light conditions aren’t appropriate

Things to consider for buying the Best DSLR cameras in India under 60000

Certain points require consideration while choosing the best DSLR.

Sensor size

The image sensor refers to the sensor inside the camera that will contain information used to capture the images or specifically the photographs. Sensors are available in the market that starts from about 1/3.2 inches to also certain full-frame sensors. It would help if you always looked for the sensor that will serve your purpose. Other features are also available, like APS H and full-frame. The size of the sensor also highly affects the price. Therefore if you’re looking for cameras under 60000, you should look for this quality beforehand.

Megapixel resolution

The count of the pixels on the camera leads to the production of clear images. It would help if you always looked for the one that will be improving your picture quality.

Lens compatibility

After the sensor and megapixel resolution, you should also consider lens compatibility as an essential consideration. The camera body needs different lens types for capturing the different types of images. You should always look for the compatibility it will share with the type of image you want.


Experienced photographers always prefer the Manual settings. As a beginner, you will require relying on the camera mode like landscape, portrait, food, action, night, and more than that.

Accessories care and maintenance

Cameras work in the form of sophisticated Gadgets and will require a certain level of care in handling. They are built for regular use. Sometimes they are supposed to be carried and stored carefully. It would help if you always looked for the cameras that can require less maintenance for delivering your more capabilities. This will ensure a longer life span and error-free usage.

FAQ Best DSLR cameras under 60000 in India

  1. How will the Camera sensor work?

    The sensor is made of tiny cavities for trapping light that will be later converted into the electronic signal for delivery of the digital image. The tiny cavities are referred to as the photosites with the pixels. They can start collecting the photons. Photosensitive units work for capturing light and converting them into an electronic signal.

  2. What is meant by the APS-c size sensor interface?

    The advanced photon system comes in a classic format. Other crop sensors are the type 22.5 x 15 and 24 x 16. When compared to the full-frame sensor, they cover less area due to the cropped image. They always ensure serving the purpose and are highly prevalent in use.

  3. Is the megapixel consideration essential in the DSLR?

    Definitely, the megapixel count is mandatory for the DSLR for obtaining detailed images. The pixels in the center also have the capability of capturing the light for forming the digital image. The megapixel's good count becomes essential because the more count of the megapixel will be allowing you to print the image on the large-scale while cropping it without using the details will be compromising on quality.

  4. How will buy DSLR be different from my SLR?

    SLR stands for the single-lens reflex, but DSLR stands for the digital single-lens reflex. The later is the cameras will be working on the same principle to capture light reflecting through the mirror and form an image. However, the traditional camera is very different from the DSLR because it always uses an interchangeable lens.


We’ve listed the best DSLR cameras under 60000 in India. You can choose the one that will be serving you most amazingly in all circumstances. Each of them is tested for serving you with a range of benefits.  

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