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Film the story of your journey such that it’s trendy, even to your grandchildren. Tieing the knot soon under the skies of the city of the sun, and looking for someone who can capture it with their lenses to make it a living memory? Well, you have stumbled upon the right place!Jodhpur, a city where even the air breathes in history, makes every wedding a remarkable one in the history of big days. Being responsible for capturing the entire series of events through their lenses, the team behind it feels the pressure every second but nonetheless, never misses to capture your candid smile.

jodhpur wedding photography showcase
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Best team of Wedding Photographers In Jodhpur

While most the population is of the opinion that Jodhpur is too historical of a place for getting married, they won’t know what they are missing out on unless they experience it themselves. While the other cities of Rajasthan might give away the thrill of city life, Jodhpur is a bit out of box. The blue city continues to breathe in the royalness of the medieval places, scattered around the town, adding its own magic to every marriage that takes place around the corner. But you need someone who can catch every spec of magic in the air with their lenses, you need someone like us…

How we Shoot wedding in jodhpur (work method)

Our primary aim is to create unique pieces for each one of our clients. We put to use the innumerable royal components of the city as background enhancers while capturing your love in our lenses. Being aware of the importance of the wedding festivities in our client’s lives, we always try to bring out the best shots by blending, balancing and choosing the best components. We are always eager to make sure that every moment of your love is captured as a beautiful yet treny memory for the future!


F.A.Q Regarding Wedding Photographer In Jodhpur

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Who is Man with a camera ?

‘We’ comprise of the man behind the lenses and the team which we leads. Based in the Jodhpur city of Rajasthan, we are a wedding photography company in jodhpur, which is well known for their out of the box unique photography style and dedication towards work. Our understanding of behavior and talent was yet another factor behind the appreciation that we have been receiving from our previous customers.

Why would you choose us as wedding & Pre-wedding photographer in Jodphur?

The question that you might have. The man with a camera isn’t just a wedding photographer. Our team covers your fairy tale pre wedding shoots as well! However, in traditional Indian households, the wedding day is considered to the most important amongst all. The day when it seems like the entire world revolves you and only you and you feel like you are on the top of the world. In those moments, the behind the lenses lurks around the corner to capture the bride’s teary smiles and the groom’s shy laugh and creates masterpieces that you can cherish for the rest of your lives!

But the man with a camera apprehends the new generation and their dreams of staging a fairy tale wedding for themselves, which are never really complete without the pre-wedding photography in jodhpur in the nooks and corners of the old city. And since we understand the role it plays in showcasing the journey of your love, we put to use our cinematographic talents blending aesthetics, trending fashion, royalty, and style in the mixture, and with utmost care create something that is nothing less than a big-budget movie and memoir.

Best Pre-Wedding Photographer in Jodhpur

The man With a camera can surely be your stop. Live through your wedding and the days preceeding it in style! Join hands with the man with a camera, an Professional & Talent hub in the industry, based in your own blue city, and create wonders with your loved one while history and tradition decorates the rear image!

The man with a camera, is capable of caging your wedding days in his lenses such that, even if you look at them after a decade or two, you would feel it was just yesterday! Capturing candid moments in our unique style is what we do best, and expertise in the creation of films, in which we put to use our editing, and cinematographic talents. Based in the blue city, we are quite well known for capturing each muse of red love in an unique style and giving each couple their distinct identity, because, no one likes to be same! One can always have a look at our previous works from our gallery and become the next story to be caged in our lenses!