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Gangaur Festival In Rajasthan

Gangaur is one of the most popular, colorful, and important festivals for the people of Rajasthan. It is also celebrated in some parts of Gujarat, West

engagement cover

Anshita And Nikhil Engagement

Dream…Dream…Dream…!!!  YES you were my dream that is what now reality is my love. Dream and reality are two worlds which intertwine every time love

Poonam weds Mohit

Love blossoms when two-like-minded people come together with a sole promise of walking hand in hand. Such is the sweet story of our love birds,

What in my Camera Bag

I don’t have any fancy equipment as i always travel in budget and when you are traveling in budget you need to go to places

Life In a Puhskar Mela

Last year 2014 Man with a camera visited Pushkar Mela, which is mainly know as camel fair. We spend 4 days filming thing which is

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