Fashion Photographer in India

A photographer has an insight to capture priceless moments and have mastered the art of making memories. Photography is a creative, dynamic, and an ever-evolving job. One simply needs a collaboration of skill, aesthetic appeal, and precision to lock a moment in time in just one click. These moments frozen in time are cherished with sheer gratitude and awe. You with your loved ones can always create new memories without forgetting the old ones. 



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Fashion Photography: Our Forte

At “Man With A Camera (MWAC)” we take clear pride over taking high quality of videos and photographs. With our headquarters located in Udaipur we serve the masses by covering a range of services. We cover aerial cinematography, slow motion, underwater, and 360 degree videos.

Our team of experienced photographers is led by Rohit Kothari and came into form in 2012. We invest our time and energy in leaving an imprint in the hearts of all our customers. Man With A Camera began its journey as a traveler cum photographer. As of today, it has won several global photography competitions. They have also taken over main heads and cover pages of magazines and newspapers a number of times and experienced team of photographers.

Weddings in India are not a usual affair. They require the best of settings and aesthetics. Therefore, do not think twice before choosing us as your wedding photographers. We are able and proficient like none other.

Why must you consider MWAC?

Our specialty and strong selling points lie in the quality of service we have delivered in the past.

  1. Customers come to us with a great sense of trust and belongingness. 
  2. Our values and mission statement continuously emphasize on patience, dedication, timely service, and distinctiveness.
  3.  In addition to winning competitions, we have also been recognized by leading brands and agencies in the field of photography. 
  4. From traditional photography and cinematic videography to pre-wedding photo-shoot and candid photography we are skilled through and through. 
  5. Our team of humble and multi-talented individuals is available round the clock to serve old and new clients alike.


Frequently Asked Question Regarding Wedding photography

Our team film with a crew of 2 candid cinematographers and 2 Wedding photographers plus one director. Different cameramen specialized on different lenses and styles including aerial and underwater make sure the entire event is well covered. We don’t recommend a reduction in crew if its more than 200 members it will certainly not affect the cost except in special cases. This multi-camera set up allows us to capture things more naturally as and when they happen.

The standard package includes three different wedding films and all digital photographs (candid and documentary) –  1) Full wedding Films (FF) 2.  The wedding highlight film of 25-30 minutes 3. A three-minute trailer. All films and photos are delivered on a 1 terabyte hard drive provided to us by you.

The still team and video team both should have co-ordination for the benefit of client coverage during their wedding. Although we prefer when the client goes for both but we are comfortable with handling any one of them as per the convenience of the client.

We are comfortable anywhere across the boundaries as per the satisfaction of our clients and need but our office base for wedding photography is in Udaipur.

Songs and music selection for the movies and videos is a mutual decision of the director, client and our editors. Normally the creative handler of the project takes care of all these details. Titles are suggested by the client and director and finalized with the mutual consent.


Mwac is just into coverage but having worked with some top-rated Pre-wedding & Destination wedding planners, can suggest the name of some to our clients. As a good managing team and a good décor make the wedding more eye-catchy.


Absolutely and they will love their names on the big screen just like a feature film are edited.


One album can have 180-200 images you wish you print. All the images are edited and the album is customized as per the demand of clients. The page size of the album is 12 inches by 12 inches. The cost of the album varies depending upon the quality. Size of the album may vary according to region and demand.


Food accommodation and travel costs are borne by you. Album charges are paid separately if not included in the contract. In addition, hard drive and pen drive need to be provided by you for the final delivery of images and videos. Any additional day of shooting is chargeable (if not included in the contract)


Best Fashion Photography in Jaipur

Today, Fashion photography is just one aspect under the broad scope of this rewarding profession. Fashion photographers in Udaipur are leaving a remarkable portfolio of their work for others to view. They are extremely creative and explore different ways to add magic to each and every picture. Fashion Industry is growing and attracting mass interest. From Rid Burman to Dabbo Ratnani the country has produced some of the finest fashion photographers in the world. Among the younger generations, photography is no longer a difficult career to choose. Rather, there are supremely talented photographers who are doing great since inception. 

Fashion Photography with Creativity

MWAC is name to recall for all sorts of model photo-shoot, or portfolio creation for budding artist. We are a leading fashion photographer in Udaipur with an extensive talented team of creative people. We have a rich and creative journey beginning in 2012. Be it destination wedding or candid wedding photography, we have delivered outstanding services. We are committed to cater to clients like our very own family and provide tailor-made services and experience. Our selling point is the ability to add an element of uniqueness and spark in every photograph we take. We are steadily expanding our reach to other parts of Rajasthan as well. We provide one-stop solutions to make your story a personalized experience.

Best Team of Fashion Photographers

There has been a noticeable surge in the demand for fashion photographers in India. The ultimate aim of fashion photography is to give due attention to the marvelous works of fashion designers all across the globe. The best fashion photographers in Jaipur and Udaipur are producing scintillating photos for the purpose of marketing and advertisements. To promote a fashion product to the masses in India and elsewhere, backing with sound images and aesthetics is vital. It helps in not only attracting publicity but also helps in visualizing the product.

Fashion photographers can translate visions and concepts into mind-blowing pictures in no time. An eye for detail and a strong portfolio can go a long way in a fashion photographer’s journey towards achieving excellence. The best fashion photographers in Udaipur and in our team work well with celebrities and capture different moods and emotions. This profession is rewarding in terms of the compensation and reputation.

Man With A Camera excels in creating a perfect blend of love and harmony in every moment they freeze. Our natural photography skills portray unfiltered settings and bring life to every picture. Hence, do not hesitate to contact us for best fashion photography in Udaipur.