How Much Do Photographer Charge For Product Photography?

How Much Do Photographer Charge For Product Photography?

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E-commerce business has boomed in the online world in recent years. Today most businesses are online. In today’s date, every business needs a product photographer. Therefore, the growth of the online business has opened new doors of opportunities in the world of product photography. 

Photographs are the ultimate weapon for a brand to tempt the customers. As the visuals manipulate nearly 90% of the customer’s purchasing decision. Therefore, an efficient product photographer business can easily increase your conversion and customer retention rates. Product photographers help them sketch the best picture of your services or products and create an incredible first impression on the clients with a bag full of professional images. 

If you are a newcomer in product photography, there may be tons of questions striking your mind like why you should choose this field, how much you should charge for product photography, what’s the career scope in this field, and maybe much more. Here we present you all the answers to your queries. 

How Much Do Photographer Charge For Product Photography?

What is Product Photography?

Product photography is one of the popular fields in the world of photography which specifically deals with the design of the perfect shots of various brand’s products or services to present them to the audience to grab their attention. In simple terms, Product photography comes with the perfect blend of skills and techniques to showcase a service or product in the most presentable manner and connect businesses with potential customers, generating leads and ultimately promoting sales. 

In the modern advertisement or business marketing mechanism, product photography is an integral part that helps brands design premium brochures, catalogs, magazine ads, company websites, billboards, and online ads. It primarily creates a bridge between the customers and the brands, assuring them quality, thereby building a relationship of trust.

If you are working as a product photographer for a firm, the images you click on represent the company’s products’ value and quality. The pictures directly communicate with the target audience. If your images are more appealing, mostly the customers end up purchasing the product. This elevates the worth of a product photographer and makes him important for advertisement purposes. 

Types of Product Photography Service Providers 

While a business hires product photography, the main hassle is to choose the type of photographer that fits their project. However, when it comes to online advertisements, there are primarily two main types of product photographers to choose from – 

  • Local Independent Product photographer 
  • Full-Service Studios 

Most firms are often confused about which photographer to pick for their business. Well, no worries, as we can help you. Here are the pros and cons. 

Local Independent Photographer

These are basically freelance photographers who are hired on a contract basis or hourly basis. They can bring you a ton of services under the most affordable charges and can help you set up your business’s online presence quickly. 


  • In today’s date, there are hundreds and thousands of experienced freelance photographers hunting for opportunities. Therefore you can go through tons of portfolios to find the ideal match for your business. 
  • You can pick up the photographer under decent charges, and this can save your hard-earned money for spending on the full-service photographer. 
  • There are no hidden charges. If you own a startup and are experiencing some sort of financial barriers. Hiring a freelance product photographer can be the ideal choice as you work with them on a contract basis which is clear cut. This saves you from the burden of any hide charges. 


Although today there are a huge number of photographers online, it is pretty different to find the ideal match that suits your requirements hassling around tons of portfolios. 

All freelancers are not extremely professional. Therefore, they may lack good equipment and shooting space, which may fail to give your business a touch of professionalism. 

The shift of businesses to the online world has made freelancers must busy. Most freelance product photographers have a packed schedule which makes it difficult to appoint them. 

Full-Service Product Photography Studio 

These are a type of agency that offers you different product photography services packages as per your requirements. Typically, these agencies are hired in case of big-budget projects. 


  • Clients can be stress-free about professionalism. They implement the best equipment, studio, and software to squeeze out the most premium service. 
  • The agencies that primarily focus on product photography may come up with affordable packages. 
  • They own a team of experienced photographers who ensure better service and are capable of handling products of various sizes and shapes. 


If the full-service studio is away from your place, then visiting the place includes tons of charges, which will increase the costs. 

A full-service studio may fail to cope with the latest technological trends and end up offering you old-school services. 

How much to charge as a product photographer?

The charges of a product photographer differ in many aspects. There are tons of ways the photographers can charge, including hourly charges, per day fees, per image charges, or charge according to the products. 

The average charge for product photography ranges from 5000 INR to 13000 INR per hour, which primarily depends on the photographer’s skill and experience. However, the photographers may charge with 50,00 INR to 1,50,000 INR for a day, depending on their excellence in the field.

Next, the charge is decided per image. Most brands need more than one image for a product, and the average charge for each image begins from 500INR and ends up on around 25,000 INR. And at last, the photographer may also charge per product. If all the shoot products are similar, then the photographer can easily come up with a fixed or negotiate the able rate. However, the average rate per product ranges between 1000 INR to 6000 INR most commonly. 

Determining the actual pay rate is not a transparent process as there are tons of factors involved in it. An incredible product photographer spends a quality amount of time capturing the best shots of products. However, it’s just a tiny part of his job.

A skilled photographer’s main job is to interact with the clients, understand their needs, and then design the shoot accordingly. Then dives into the editing process. And after a long tiring journey, the photographer comes up with the best shots that help businesses grow. All these processes require quality time and incredible expertise. Therefore, clients end up paying more for top-notch work. 

Charging on Hourly or Daily Basis 

Daily or Hourly payments seem to be the easiest and the simplest in product photography. However, if you are a company owner, you must ensure to get yourself an efficient product photographer working on an hourly basis. As any sort of delay or revisions may hamper your budget. You fail to find a punctual photographer or you a long-term project, it’s best to look for different pricing models. 

Charging on Per Image Basis

Being a business owner, this type of pricing can be ideal for you, as in other pricing methods, you may get stuck with the high pricing of the product photographer. This is one of the most transparent methods of pricing. To get the most out of this payment procedure, you must be clear about your requirements. Ensure to make a list of products whose image you need, decide the number of photos you want beforehand, make sure what details you want about the images. 

Charging on Per Product Basis 

This is also a decent pricing option for all e-commerce stores selling tons of products. This is one of the widely used pricing models that include unlimited pictures of a product to help you get the best shots. However, if you have a bucket full of products, this charging method can be a bit expensive for you. In this case, you can shift to the per-image pricing method. However, if you have two or three products and you want to present the audience with a clear picture of the details in the products, you can choose this pricing method. 

Charging on Project Basis

If you are a photographer who desires a full-time opportunity. This is your ideal option. For instance, you know your client needs pictures for a specific project where he requires tons of pictures. Here you can collaborate with them on a project pricing basis.

You can understand the client’s requirement, the number of the image she wants, and according to the quote, a charge for the project. This type of pricing allows you to avail discounts to the clients, promoting a good relation. Paying per project can be ideal for the clients, too, as there is less pressure on budgeting, and they get a clear picture of the work and pay ratio.

However, on some occasions, all the inclusive charges can push down each image’s perceived cost, and there may be no incentive for the customers to prioritize their requirements. Therefore, clients must analyze their needs and the demand of their business before choosing a pricing method.  

Criteria on which the pay scale varies 

The pay rate of a product photographer is never constant. The charges usually go stiffer as the scope of the services goes higher. There is an incredible variation in the pay scale, which influences your earnings as a product photographer. 

Wondering why as a product photographer, your charges may vary? Well, there are tons of factors that constitute your complete service charge. These factors define the worth of your service. If you are a business owner, hunting how much should I pay for a product photographer or a newbie photographer finding difficulties in setting a pay scale, here are the aspects that contribute to the revenue as a product photographer – 

Experience in the field: In today’s date, every business owner hunts for experienced photographers. In short, the experience can define your income. As a newbie in the product photography field, you can charge anything between 1,500 INR to 5000 INR per hour in India. However, if you are working for a foreign company, the pay rates may range between $30 to $50 hourly. If you are charging per image, you can select a range between 500 INR to 1000 INR per image. 

As you move up the stairway of experience and develop a decent skillset, you can gradually move to big-budget projects. An amateur product photographer can charge with the range of 5000 INR to 30,000 INR and as much as 2000 INR per image in India.

For getting high-paying clients, you must own a significant amount of experience and have a solid portfolio to attract clients. As you gain more experience, your worth in the professional market increases. You start building a strong community of clients and can slowly and steadily climb up to a high-paying scale. Being a professional, i.e., pursuing photography as a full-time career, you can earn a lucrative payout and charge higher product photography rates. 

Type of Photography: Product photography can be divided into two primarily sub-branches Lifestyle product photography and Amazon product photography. The charges differ as per the type of photography in the following ways – 

Lifestyle Product Photography 

Lifestyle product photography is one of the most popular marketing techniques for businesses to capture more audiences. These are basically some well-detailed photos that tempt the customers to interact with a product or brand. These are lifestyle photos that help businesses gather more traffic.

Lifestyle product photography is all about setting up an incredible set, which companies use to promote their products through some industries’ reputed faces. Being a lifestyle photographer, you can charge the standard rates with the additional charges for the set, other models, props, and other arrangements for the shoot. Typically, you can charge a per-day rate as per the workload. 

Lifestyle product photography demands professionalism. Therefore, if you want to grab high packages in this field, you need to make the shoots worthwhile. You, a lifestyle product photographer, it’s pretty important to be clear about the shoot’s storyline or message.

Always be specific to the way the client desires to promote the product and plan the shoot accordingly. Make all the arrangement beforehand to prevent any issues during the shoot which may have a long-lasting effect on your career. Remember, client satisfaction can be your ultimate way to grab good revenue if you are a beginner. 

Amazon Product Photography 

With the popularity of the popular e-commerce platform, Amazon several other popular e-commerce sites are popping up in the market. Usually, as an Amazon product photographer, you may charge the standard rates for regular product pictures.

However, E-commerce is a big industry that requires professionalism. Therefore if you want to craft a successful career in this field, you need good photography expertise. All the pictures you click are featured on the pages of a top business firm. Therefore, if you own good experience and skills in the field, you can easily garb handsome salaries. 

What are the additional charges added to the final pricing?

If you own an e-commerce business it is pretty obvious that you will always need a product photographer. However, the photographer can create estimated pricing as per the requirements of your project. Although an experienced photographer can easily formulate the ideal pricing for your business, there are certain additional charges you must be aware of. If you are wondering that additional charges to includes while framing the final budget, here is a quick insight – 

Additional Charges for Product Detailing and Styling

This is one of the most common prices added to the final pricing. Every business desires the best picture of its products to the audience. Therefore, adding a pinch of style to the pictures may make them more attractive for the audience.

This can help the brand drive in more traffic and promote better sales. So if you are a product photographer, you can take some additional charges if the products require more prepping time or styling. You can select the preparation charges in accordance with the time you take to accomplish the task. Additional charges are added to the pricing if the project requires any special supplies or any more professional expertise for the project. 

Additional Cost for Size or Weight of the Product 

If you are a product photographer, the size and shape of the products must always be considered. Massive or gigantic products are much challenging to handle and require much expertise. You may require special equipment to get the perfect shots. Therefore, the bigger the products are, the stiffer your workload is. In this case, you can add a decent additional charge to the final pricing. 

Additional Charges for Special Shots 

If you are a beginner, you may struggle to get high-paying projects and may end up taking some free shots. However, once you reach a level of experience and establish a good name in the field. You can gradually charge high rates. If you are a lifestyle product photographer, you can charge a bit higher as this type of photographer requires several elements like models, studio, and much more.

In these shots, you require to take tons of special shots that make the products more appealing to the audience. Some complex products may need shots from different angles or close-ups to showcase all the details of the products. Therefore, you may need special equipment for this type of photography. So, you can charge more for this type of shoot. 

How to Decide the Product Photography Pricing If Your Client Wants Copyright Free Images?

In today’s world of piracy, hands down, copyright of content is a must. Every business desires copyrights of the images they post on their business profiles. Therefore, you can frame a pricing scale without mentioning the copyrights. Some clients may approach you for full copyright authorities of the images. At the same time, few do not bother with copyright issues.

If you are a product photographer, it’s quite obvious you are selling the pictures with full copyrights to the clients. This allows your clients to use the pictures anywhere, anytime as per their professional requirements, with no compensation for the future. In fact, in the future, if you need to use the images, you will have to get special permissions from the client.

Before presenting the final pricing to the clients, make sure you add the copyright charges to it. Make sure your client understands the copyright problems and why they need copyrights. If you want to sell the full copyrights, make sure the price per picture is nearly equivalent to the pictures’ potential price in the future. 

How to Publish Your Pricing?

Publishing your service pricing is one of the most effective strategies to aware your clients of your services’ scope and explain to them your worth. If you own a personal business website, make sure you add the pricing details to it. Here are the pros and cons of publishing your prices – 


  • Clients get a brief of your service, and it makes them aware of the outcomes of the services. 
  • It saves you from the hassles with low-budget clients who do not even pay reasonable rates. 
  • Help you create a transparent look for your business to promote honesty. Make sure you add no hidden charges, which gives your customers a spirit of trust. 


  • Clients can easily judge by just looking at your pricing and even knowing your service’s scopes. 
  • The client may never ever connect with you noticing high charges. 
  • If your charges are many non-negotiable clients, do not approach you. 
  • You can’t customize your rates as per the project and have to work on a fixed predefined rate.

Final Words

So there are tons of strategies of pricing in product photography. Product photographers have a world of opportunities. If you are a newbie to photography, make sure you prioritize learning and polishing your skills more than just running after money. As your skills will support you in the long term to generate a lucrative income.

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