How To Choose A Destination Wedding Photographer?

How To Choose A Destination Wedding Photographer?

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How To Choose A Destination Wedding Photographer?

A destination wedding is one of the things that has grabbed excellent attention from new couples. Nothing can beat the joy of getting married in your favorite location. If you are also planning for a destination wedding, a wedding photographer is absolutely a necessity.

One of the initial works after selecting a wedding destination and dates is to reach out to an efficient wedding photographer. With the booming demands of proficient photo-persons, it’s pretty challenging to instant get their dates. Therefore, it is always recommended to book a good photographer up to 9 to 10 months in advance. 

Everyone loves to have jaw-dropping wedding pictures. To capture cherished moments of your wedding, you need a well-experienced and skilled photographer. Therefore, before opting for a photographer, it’s quite essential to thoroughly research and go through each and every portfolio before picking out the best. 

If you are hassling to hire the best photographer to capture the fairytale moments of your wedding. No worries, as in this article, we will guide you to select the best photographer for wedding photography.  

Selecting a perfect budget, place, and time:

Destination wedding requires a lot of pre-planning. If you also desire to have a memorable destination wedding start planning stuff months prior to the marriage date. Pick out a reputed wedding photographer and check for his availability after you have finalized the wedding venue and dates.

Create a budget according to the location, time, and member of the photography team. Estimate a budget before starting and have hands-on a suitable destination wedding package according to your budget. Try to spend a little extra to hire a better photographer and not settle for an unprofessional person. 

Select the style:

There are tons of photography styles that differentiate different photographers in today’s time. When it comes to wedding photography, there is a bucket full to choose from, like a lifestyle wedding photographer, fine art wedding photographer, wedding photojournalists, and many more. Understand your needs and shortlist some of the photography styles to hire the best one. 

Go through different portfolios:

While shortlisting, the wedding photographers ensure to analyze their portfolios keenly. The suitable candidates must have some of the individual weddings listed on their portfolios. Going through the portfolios is essential as you may not want to hire an unskilled or inexperienced photographer to spoil your wedding photoshoot. 

Reach out to a resort photographer:

If you have selected a resort as your wedding destination, you get an exclusive option to hire the resort photographer. To finalize the in-house photographer, look for his portfolio and quality of work. 

Hire a local photographer:

There are tons of benefits of hiring a local photographer. A local photographer can help you explore the most beautiful spots for your wedding photography. If you want to cut-off the high photography charges, getting hands-on with a local photographer can be an excellent option. 

Prepare a cost list:

Before hiring a destination wedding photographer, have a report of all the additional charges. There are primarily two possibilities – either the photographer allots you a final estimated rate after calculating all the expenses and stuff, or he can join you for the travel, and you will take care of all the expenses. 

Consistency in the wedding shoot:

Value, the pictures’ quality as low-quality pictures, can spoil your wedding album. Look for a photographer who can maintain consistency in the quality throughout the wedding. 

Create a “Must have” photo list:

Openly communicate with your photographer. Create a list of must-have wedding photographs for your cameraman so that you don’t miss out on the most desirable shots and end up regretting them later. Be sure to add pictures with all your family members, friends, near and dear ones. As after the day, these photos will be a memorable and precious gem for you to recall the moments. Ensure you have a dynamic collection of images in your wedding album. 

Photographer’s personality:

It’s quite evident that the photographer’s personality defines his work quality. His attitude, creativity, and approach to photography reflect in the pictures. Therefore, make sure you check out his social profile to get a glimpse of his past works. 

Develop a good relationship with the photographer:

Being friends with the photographer is essential. Try to establish friendly relations with him, as he is going to join you on the trip to your wedding destination. Make him comfortable to ensure quality work from his side. This will significantly boost the quality of his work with a touch of creativity and innovation. 

Things to Look for in the Destination Wedding Photographer 

There are some of the traits of an efficient photographer, which you must look for before hiring him for wedding photography. Here are some of the points to look for in the photographer – 


One of the most significant aspects to check out before hiring a photographer is his experience. For a destination wedding, you must always trust a highly experienced photographer. Some who have handled such weddings before and know how to ease the rush to present quality can be the perfect match for the job. 

Willing to travel early:

In the wedding season, most photographers have a tight schedule. However, if you are traveling to a new destination, it is quite important to reach there before the few days of the wedding. This allows you to scout the local venues to pick out the best for your photoshoots.

This makes your wedding photography preparation 100% efficient. Therefore, you must hire a good photographer who is willing to travel to your wedding destination before the actual days. So, schedule the flights a few days before the wedding date to overcome any complexities. 

Working on your budget:

An experienced photographer helps you to create an effective budget. Discuss your budget with the photographer and let them design an ideal package for you. Your wedding photographer helps you to know the exact expenses and prevents you from any surprise expenses during the photoshoots. 

Talent and Style:

Photography is all about skill and talent. Every photographer possesses his own style. Therefore, keenly analyze the photographers’ portfolio and previous work to pick out a style that suits your needs. Make sure to look at the entire portfolio and not only the highlighted ones. This will give you a complete insight into his working style, creativity, and quality of images. 

Compatible working with you:

While hiring a wedding photographer, compatibility plays a major role. Always select the photographer who can be friends with you. After all, they are going to travel with you and your family to the wedding destination, spending most of their day with you. Therefore, the more professionals connected you are, there will be more probability of yielding beneficial results for you. 

Tips to Choose the Perfect Destination for Wedding Photoshoot 

Before selecting the location for wedding photography, you need to choose efficient photographer, who will be your sole companion in this journey. Ensure to pick up the best and professional wedding camera person who undertakes and has a keen interest in wedding assignments. A person who understands your requirements and who can deliver you the ideal results. Here are some tips for selecting the best spot for a wedding photoshoot – 

Your Wedding Story:

One of the most prominent things to highlight in a wedding photoshoot is your story – how everything began, like how you meet, your first date, and much more. It must be a summarization of the joyful moments of your relationship. Your entrancing story adds a new flavor of love to the wedding photos. 

Your Personality:

Personality is one of the decisive factors for choosing the right destination for photography. Many prefer to stay indoors for the wedding shoots, while some desire to explore new outdoor locations to get the best shots. Therefore, you need to select the desired option in accordance with your personality to yield the best outcomes. 

The theme of Photoshoot:

In today’s modern photography style, selecting wedding trends adds a pinch of creativity to the event. Therefore, while opting for a photography spot, you must be aware that your theme syncs with the location. Your chosen theme will significantly help your wedding photographer utilize the perfect blend of the lens and other equipment to capture the best shots. 

Visit the location before the day of the photoshoot:

Make sure to inspect the place and make the necessary arrangements beforehand. This will prevent all sorts of casualties during the wedding shoot. Although it may cost you some time, you can get a clear idea about the location’s ins and outs. 

Hiring an incredibly skilled wedding photographer and selecting the wedding shoot’s ideal location can be one of the most expensive affairs. To make your wedding moments memorable, it is essential to develop a relationship of trust and understanding with your photographer. Once the events are over, you cannot undo the occasions. Therefore you must start your quest for the best destination wedding photographer in India months before the wedding date. 

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