How To Convert Raw To Jpeg In Lightroom

How To Convert Raw To Jpeg In Lightroom

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What is a RAW File?

A RAW file is a typical file format for uncompressed or unprocessed images captured by digital cameras. RAW files are large because of their unprocessed, minimal image data, which does not lose quality. All RAW image files deal with direct image data from the digital camera or scanners without losing the image and modification quality. For its originality and quality, it is known as the RAW image file. RAW files are preferable because this file format stores the utmost details of the images. As it is captured at the finest quality, the RAW images can be edited according to the photographer’s preference. This kind of files can’t be printed or edited with essential graphics software. There are many popular graphics software available that can import RAW files into any other image files like JPEG, GIF, etc. 

How To Convert Raw To Jpeg In Lightroom

How to Import RAW Files into Lightroom

RAW image files give you a different dimension to your photography. You need good, original software such as Lightroom to manipulate the RAW files. Many photographers love to edit their photographs by using Lightroom because it has more advanced features and storage. 

Let’s have a brief idea about how you can import your RAW file images to lightroom:    


Connect the internal storage device like a USB card or your DSLR to your system (PC/Laptop).

Open the Lightroom software. A window will automatically pop up, and it will detect the external storage capacity. 


You should select the source of the file to import the RAW images. Lightroom can detect the source attached to your system. 

You can eject your source after using importing the RAW files.


A box will appear with proper thumbnails of all of the images. If the photos have already been selected and uploaded into the Lightroom program, the thumbnail will appear gray.

The amazing fact about Lightroom is that it cannot differentiate between photos based on the qualities. It only differentiates the images according to the file names. 

If you have the same images with different file names, Lightroom will take those as different images. For this reason, editors have to be careful enough to create file names while uploading the photo into the lightroom. 


You can move, add, and copy your images from here as DNG files.  


After the 4th step- you can check the preview quality and decide if you want to choose other previews. This step will allow you to post-processing the RAW file, and it will ease your editing part as well. 

Step 6

Create a new name as a rename for your copied files.


You can add text, watermarks, and many other things after importing your images. 


Select the storage location where you want to save your imported files. 

Step 10

After selecting the location, you will have the final option of “import”. Click on the Import and finish the process. 

How to convert raw to jpeg on windows

You can convert your RAW files to JPEG on windows by following the mentioned steps.

  1. Open your Raw picture.
  2. Choose the option of “Open files from your system.”
  3. Select the RAW image files
  4. Click on the “Save All” option that appeared on the left (for all files), or you can choose one file and save it. 
  5. It will take a few seconds to import the RAW files. 

How to convert raw to jpeg on mac

You need to follow some steps to convert your RAW files on MAC.

1. Open the image in the preview. 

2. Click on the “Export” given in the file menu. If you want to import more files, click on the “Export Selected Images”.

3. You will get a drop-down menu from where you can choose any preferred format. To convert the RAW files to JPEG, select the JPEG option.

4. Now save the image and select the storage location you want to save the new image file. To keep the file, choose the Save option. 

How to convert raw to jpeg in Photoshop

There are some specific steps that you should follow to import RAW files to JPEG in Photoshop software. 

Step 1

Open Photoshop’s image processor. Select “File” and “Scripts,” and next preferred “Image Processor.”

Step 2

Choose the images, click on “Select Folder…” and highlight the folder targeting the image files. Confirm and select “OK.”

Step 3

Select the storage location for your imported images. Select “Save in Same Location” to send imported image files to the same folder or select “Select Folder…” to save it as a new folder. 

Step 4

Choose the file type and select “Save as JPEG.”

Export raw to jpeg lightroom quality

1. After selecting the file from Library- select the file and then choose Export. 

2. You will get the lightroom Presets option. 

3. Select on the Burn Full-Sized JPEGs preset.

4. You have to select “Export To” and change it from CD or DVD to Hard Drive.

5. Select the Export location, rename the file name, settings, resizing. You can also have the output sharpening panels for your image.

6. Select the Export option.

7. Your selected file will be saved in your desired location. 

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