How to Put the Film in a Fujifilm Instax Camera?

How to Put the Film in a Fujifilm Instax Camera?

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How to Put the Film in a Fujifilm Instax Camera?

Fujifilm’s Instax Camera is one of the most trending products in today’s market. Instax cameras are the top-selling products that grabbed the audience by their cute appearance and easily operable features. It is a smart, user-friendly instant camera that stormed the market with its stylish look and feel.

The cameras are known for their ability to produce outstanding images in different lighting conditions. However, most of the buyers get puzzled while operating the camera or fail to put the film in the Fujifilm Instax Camera. The Japanese guide coming with the camera usually remains uninterpreted by the users. If you are one who has purchased the product and is struggling to use it. No worries, as in this article, we will break down how to put the film in a Fujifilm Instax Camera. 

The procedure of Putting the Film in a Fujifilm Instax Camera

Loading a film into the Instax camera is quite simple. However, if you are new to this product, you may find it a bit intimidating. So, here we have a step-by-step guideline for simplifying the process. 

How to Put the Film in a Fujifilm Instax Camera?

Place the Batteries: Before loading the film into the Instax camera, you need to insert a fresh pair of AA batteries in the battery compartment, located on the left side of its body. You can also have your hands-on rechargeable batteries. However, be aware of charging the batteries efficiently. As partially charged batteries may be nonfunctional on several occasions.

Open the Film Pack: After you have successfully set up the batteries, you are good to move to the second step. Now, unpack the Instax films. Most of the film packs come in a two-pack. Before purchasing the film, ensure whether it is an Instax Mini film or the Instax Wide film according to your camera. Also, validate the expiration date of the film. If you find the film is expired, it is advisable to replace the film. However, you can still utilize the old film, but the pictures will likely have a lower quality.

Now, carefully pull the packet open, holding the edges of the packet. Be extremely careful while handling the film. Do not touch the film’s cartridge; highlight a finger with a line, as it may get damaged. Also, do not store the Instax films in hot, well-lit, or humid areas. As these could damage the films. The ideal place to store the film is at room temperature. 

fuji film intax

Open the Film Compartment to Place the Film: Once you have opened the film, make sure to quickly place it into the film department before it mangles. To unlock the door of the film compartment, simply push on the button on the top and pull it out. Now carefully pick up the film, hold the edges, and gently load it into the camera. Make sure to make the film align with the yellow makers. Now, close the door and try not to open the film compartment until all the slides of the films are utilized. 

Get Ready to Take Amazing Photos: After carefully locking up the film compartment, now it is safe to turn on the Fujifilm Instax Camera. Tun on the camera by pressing the power button, located just beside the camera lens. After turning on the camera, you will notice the lens popping out of the camera body. You can adjust all the settings like brightness and others from the adjustment dial.

Click the Shutter Button to Eject the Black Slide: Here comes the last step, hunt for the shutter button on the grip of the camera body, just below the viewfinder, and press it up. Now you will notice a black slide. Once the slide gets ejected, pull it off from the film ejection slot and dispose it. Now, turn your Fujifilm Instax camera on, and you will recognize the film counter has changed from “S” to “10”.

Now you can enjoy taking tons of pictures. However, remember that the film counter will hit the “0” mark once you have used up all the ten films. Only open the film compartment door to refill the Fujifilm Instax camera films. 

How to Use Fujifilm Instax Camera?

Before you start picking up those exciting pictures using the Fujifilm Instax Camera and flaunt them before your friends. You need to learn to efficiently operate the camera to make sure you don’t spoil your photographic experience. Here are the steps to follow while operating the Fujifilm Instax Camera – 

Insert the batteries into the camera: To begin, you need to insert a couple of alkaline AA batteries into the camera’s battery compartment. Ensure that you don’t use any non-alkaline batteries or cold batteries, which may disrupt the camera’s functioning. Choose a pair of good batteries, which could last for at least 100 pictures. Make sure to replace the batteries once the red light on the viewfinder blinks. 

Load up the film: Following our step-step-guide, you can quickly load up your film into the camera. 

Power the camera on Turn on the camera using the power button located near the lens. 

Eject the film cover: Press the shutter button to remove the film cover. 

Take the photo: Point the camera lens to the object, click its picture and determine the brightness accordingly. Now simply press the shutter button to click amazing pictures. 

Wait for the camera film: Once you take the picture, wait for the film’s ejection, and then gently remove it. Now, carefully place the film holding its edges over a flat surface to let it develop. Make sure not to touch or shake the film. 

Key Notes to Use the Fujifilm Instax Camera 

  • Fujifilm Instax Camera is powered by smart technology. Therefore, it automatically suggests the ideal settings according to the subject or the lighting conditions. 
  • Make sure you don’t block the two windows beside the camera flash, as this may prohibit the camera from analyzing the surrounding light condition and modifying the settings accordingly. 
  • Regularly check the exposure counter behind the camera to know the remaining number of shots. 
  • Select the “Hi-Key” setting for perfectly bright and softer pictures.
  • Do not open the film apartment until the exposure counter highlights “0” films.
  • Fujifilm Instax Camera smart energy-saving feature turns the camera into sleep mode after five minutes of inactivity to converse its power. To restore it to normal, turn the camera off and then power it on. Or you can simply press the shutter button to start. 

What Does “S” Mean on Instax Mini 9? 

If you are a newbie to the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9, the “S” on the film counter may puzzle you. You may be wondering what that depicts. Well, the “S” symbol that the users usually discover on the rear side of the camera near the film counter highlights the number of shots remaining. When the users load up a fresh film into the camera, the film exposure counter is set to “S.”

This is because the users still need to eject the black film cover to start using the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9. Until the users remove the film cover, the camera continuously makes a noise. Once the film cover is removed, the film counter automatically changes from “S” to “10,” and you are ready to take pictures. 

Tips to Take the Perfect Shots Using Fujifilm Instax Camera 

Here are the tips and tricks to take incredible pictures from the Instax camera – 

Adjust the camera setting as per the shots: Although the Fujifilm Instax Camera comes with an auto-adjustment feature, make sure to modify the settings according to your needs. Set up the exposure or brightness manually to ensure excellent photos. Setting up the focus distance is also important. As without setting up the proper focus distance, your shots may appear to be sharp. Therefore, make sure to check and set the settings manually. 

Eject the dark slide: Before starting your photoshoot session, always remember to eject the dark slide that covers the fresh pack of films to prevent light from hitting the films. 

Don’t shake or touch the film while it develops – Make sure you don’t shake or bend the ejected film during its developing phase. This could damage the picture or spoil the perfect shots. 

Choose good lighting conditions: Fujifilm Instax Camera comes with a built-in flash that light ups the subject, and its auto-adjustment feature suggests the right lighting mode to ensure the quality of the pictures. However, to capture the perfect shots, it’s always favorable to take photos under the right lighting conditions, to prevent the picture from being under-exposed. 

Don’t take the photos standing too far or too close to the subject: The most favorable distance to take the ideal shots is around 2 to 9 feet. Anything less or more to this distance may spoil your pictures. However, the Fujifilm Instax Camera’s built-in flash’s effective range is about 0.6 to 2.7 meters. Therefore, shooting the pictures from this range helps the camera to efficiently focus on the subject. 

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