5 Best adobe photoshop tools

List of 5 best and latest Adobe photoshop tools that you must know

Adobe, which is one of the well-known and trending applications used by professional photographers across the World. But still, there are a lot of tools, which cannot be used by them. On the other hand, there are a lot of tools, which are part of Adobe, but professionals are not aware of such tools. If you are among such person, then here in this post, we will share some of the best and latest adobe applications.

Sharpen Tool

Though sharpen tool is not common tools but with each of the version of the Adobe photoshop its features changes. It is the best tool to use to remove burred or fuzzy effect within the images. It is very much beneficial in adding a new definition to the images.

To use the sharpen tool, select the tool from the tools panel, and select the area, which you want to edit or enhance.

Crop & Straighten tool:

best crop tool for adobe photoshop tool

Crop and straighten tool is widely used by the designers and the photographers. The crop tool is used for cropping the picture  and selecting the particular area within the  image. To use this tool, select the crop tool  from the tools panel, after which you will receive arrows. While taking your cursor over it, you can select the area, that you want to crop.

Marquee or Lasso Tool

The lasso tool is the best to try for those persons who want to crop the picture in the form of the circle. But while you want to crop your picture in any of other shape, then it is the best idea to use the marquee tool.

The marquee tool is the best to use for the bloggers as with the help of it, they can set their profile picture in a round shape.

Spot Healing brush

adobe photoshop tool spot healing brush

Having spots on the picture is very much common and to remove such spot, the only tool which can be very much beneficial is the spot healing brush. In the case, if you are having a small or the big spot on your picture, then you can increase or decrease the size of the brush. Most of the people, uses spot healing brush tool for decreasing the impact of the ink from their images.

Dodge Tool

dodge is the adobe photoshop tool

Dodge tool is one of the most-important tool and it acts as a blessing for the Adobe photoshop users. It is very beneficial for adding more brightness to the images. It completely changes the exposure of the images. To use the dodge tool, select the tool from the toolbar.


We hope that if you have not started using the following tools, then you will start using the following tools right now. Moreover, if you are not aware of the usage of the tools, then the above post will be very beneficial for you.