6 ways to photograph better picture using smartphone in 2020

taking photo of food using smartphone

Equipment to Click Better Pictures from smartphone

In the year 2020, we come across different equipment, which can help in making our work quite more comfortable and better. While talking about the photography equipment, then they change each year, and each year, the new features goes to add in the particular tool to match the requirement of the photographer.

But the thing is, which is the best equipment that you should have to make better pictures. If you are also searching for such tools, then here in this post, we will share the list of that equipment that you should have to improve your photography skills. So, have a look at the information below:

Phone Stands

phone placed in a joby smartphone tripod

To click better images, you must make sure that your phone must be stir and it does not move. While you are using the phone stands, then you do not need to adjust the angle of the camera all the time. If you are using the phone stands, then you can prevent your phone from getting dropped. While you are using it, then you can get a better grip, and you can easily handle your mobile with any problem.

Get a phone mount

apple phone stand for selfie stick and tripod

If you are clicking pictures from your phone, then you should get a phone mount. While you are traveling via uber or any other cab, then you must have noticed a phone mount installed on their vehicles. You can also use a phone mount for clicking still images. You are using the phone mount, and then you do not need to hold your camera.

Purchase Photojojo Cell lenses

mobile camera lens for macro and fish eye photography

The photojojo cell lenses are the best way to add a new feature to the regular looking photos. These lenses are of three types, which are telephoto, fisheye lenses, and wide-angle. Adjusting or removing these lenses from the mobile is very much accessible, and it can be done within few minutes.

Portable Phone Charger

iphone portable charge in black color

The portable phone charger is having the number of uses, and if you are using the phone for clicking images for a whole day, then your phone may require charging. So, carrying a portable phone charger along with you is the best idea.

With the help of the portable charger, you can quickly charge your phone while you are driving, or you are clicking pictures.

Shoulderpod Professional Smartphone rig

shoulder rig for smart phone and gopro in wooden style

To make your mobile handy, you must invest your money on Shoulderpod Professional smartphone rig. It is very much helpful for professional photographers in capturing stable images. Most of the vloggers and the travelers use this to click better pictures. 

VideoMic Me

best mic for recording audio from phone

The VideoMic Me works as a microphone, which is very much beneficial for capturing the sound effects. It means that it is useful in recording better videos when you want to have better sound quality.


We hope that you have liked our post, and you find this post will be very beneficial for you. Though these equipment require investment, but you can choose the one as per your budget.