How to photograph forest and trees

Best tips for forest photography

If we say that forest photography is one of the most challenging genres of photography, then it will not wrong. Being the most challenging genre of photography, still, people follow it because the reward is high while you capture the desired shot. Here are the best tips for forest photography.

Spend time in your location

how to photograph forest and trees

Just like wildlife photography, you need to spend some time in a place where you want to shoot. It is necessary to spend some time to observe the surroundings, how it changes with the time in the day, and different seasons. Take your notebook and note the details.

Explore the area

Don’t always follow the path others have already traveled. You will not reap most out of there, instead, explore the new areas, Go to the areas which are not examined by the other photographers. Remember that every part of the forest has something unique, so you need to check where you can get the best shot.

Get up early

best tip for forest photography
photo by Niilo

Getting up early means you can get the maximum color of nature. Ask a landscape photographer, which is the best time to shoot, they will tell you after the hour of sunrise or before the sunset. This is the time when sunlight is exquisite and beautiful to capture the picture. You will get to know that when is the best time to click the image to get the perfect contrast.

Don’t rely on the golden hour

Landscape photographers like to capture the picture in the golden hours when the sun plays a vital role and provides the perfect light. Forest photography is different from landscape photography, and you can go to the forest in the day while the tress can diffuse the sun, and you can get the perfect picture.

Shoot all kind of weather

photo by eberhard

It is a saying that there is no perfect weather for photography. You can get an ideal picture in the worst weather. So no matter what the weather, you must shoot every time. You never know which miserable condition can get you the best shoot.

Revisit in Different Seasons

If you live nearby the forest or able to visit it often, then you must revisit the place in different seasons. The seasons can change the area which you haven’t even thought. Autumn season can change your picture because, at this time, there is a yellow and red color of the leaves that gives a contrast to the image. In summers you can get the wildflowers which give your picture new colors like lush green grass and flowers add more colors in the film.

 Pick the Wide-Angle Lens

photo by Joshua welch

To get a more comprehensive view, pick the wide-angle lens. The landscape and forest photographers love to use a wide-angle lens to reach a wider view of the scene. It helps to focus on the foreground objects, which help to enrich the composition. To get the best look try to reposition your camera, and you might get a different view.