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Ecommerce is a growing industry. Every businessman and entrepreneur is selling their products and services online. The success of an online business depends on the quality of photography. Social media is creating opportunities for budding product photographers to explore their innovative ideas. The best product photographers need to constantly innovate and think out of the box. Visual sense plays an essential role in foreseeing what a product would look like when captured differently. Therefore, over the past couple of years, the range of photography has potentially expanded. From online shopping platforms to restaurants, the requirement for product photographers is immense.



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The services we cover at MWAC

Man With A Camera came into existence in the year 2012. Pioneered by Rohit Kothari this company has a brilliant team of working professionals.

We at Man With A Camera tend to emulate a healthy work relationship among all team members. Our goal is to let our pictures tell a story. We believe that to make this turn into reality we need to be creative and observe our surroundings.

By studying the mass psychology and buying mindset we can make profitable decisions. Our diverse range of services encapsulates not only Wedding photography but also Product and Fashion Photography to name a few.

The experienced team of photographers. Weddings in India are not a usual affair. They require the best of settings and aesthetics. Therefore, do not think twice before choosing us as your wedding photographers. We are able and proficient like none other.

Why should you opt for our services?

We at MWAC are extremely privileged to share our selling areas, which underline on Quality of service we deliver. Our customers have never been dissatisfied with our services. Rather, we have gained most of our clientele from word of mouth.

  1. Our customers are not only loyal to us but also choose us over our competitors
  2. We wish to adopt and spread the message of doing work with dedication, sincerity, patience, humbleness, and within a given time frame.
  3. Our photographs are flawless, as leading magazines and related platforms have repeatedly recognized it.
  4. We have explored the avenues of traditional photography, fashion photography, product photography, and wedding photography. We are skilled in videography, cinematography, and photography alike.
  5. Our clients soon develop a sense of belongingness with our team, as we are ready to serve at all times.
  6. We promptly deliver and respond to all client queries and suggestions.
  7. Over the years we have trained ourselves to learn and take a keen interest in other areas of photography.


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Product Photography in India has witnessed great demand

India has produced some of the finest product photographers in recent years. They skillfully combine their expertise to enhance the functionality and beauty of a product. Most customers tend to overlook a raw and unformatted picture, which lacks aesthetics. Here props the need for a professional product photographer. The aim is to attract mass audiences to maximize the impact of branding and marketing on profitability and sales. Karthik Srinivasan to Amit Dey India has some of the most experienced product photographers. The future appears bright in this field and profession for all photography enthusiasts.

Adding an element of uniqueness to our work

Man With A Camera has its headquarters based in Udaipur. We have built goodwill, which has been a strong selling point over the years. Our forte lies in capturing seamlessly beautiful photographs, videos, and cinematography. On the basis of our skill and proficiency alone, we have won man awards and have been recognized by newspapers and magazines. We try to understand the need of the client and create out of the box photographic solutions for them. Man With A Camera is a reputed agency for photography in India and particularly in Rajasthan. With time we are broadening our reach to other parts of the world.

Demand for Product Photographers in Rajasthan

Man with a Camera has the best team of product photographers in Rajasthan. Product photographers in Udaipur and Jaipur particularly are gaining a lot of traction and approval. Here we are open to learning from our mistakes and journeys of our competitors.
A product, which appears great, has more selling potential. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a good product photographer. They make sure that the photograph highlights the subject distinctively, has creative aesthetics, and image symmetry. When these factors are taken care of a photograph can attract many interested clients.