Real Estate Photography

Real estate photographers provide virtual media and photography to the business houses and Real estate developers. This assists in adding a new dimension to their outlook and empowering them with their marketing potential. It is noticed that realtors who invest in professional photographers can sell their properties faster than others. Each session with the photographer aims at producing quality photos and client relationships. Based on the location we discuss the pricing and product-related information. We have witnessed a noticeable surge in demand for real estate photography.



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REAL ESTATE photography showcase
REAL ESTATE photography showcase

Our Journey as Real Estate Photographers

Man With A Camera is a company based in Udaipur and it came into inception in 2012. The team founded by Rohit Kothari is pioneers in the field of Real Estate as well as Product, Fashion, and Wedding photography. We were the first ones to introduce 360 degrees videos and images, which depict virtual reality to clients. Man With A Camera has clients all over the state of Rajasthan. Our aim is to expand profitability for emerging businesses and realtors. Currently, we are diversifying into photography of hotels, AirBNBs, capturing real estate videos, 3D Tours, and more.

Choose our diverse range of services in the field of real estate photography

We at Man With A Camera have proudly made use of all opportunities that came our way. We have also expanded our team’s potential by entering into many avenues of photography. Our strong selling points revolve around the quality of service we deliver.

  • Our mission statement is to deliver services to clients specific to their needs. We are patient in hearing them and meeting their expectations.
  • Customers have shown extreme loyalty and trust in our services.
  • We have won awards and received recognition by the top newspapers and magazines
  • Our services are broad and diverse in scope. In the sector of real estate photography, we cover videography, aerial photography, and many more.
  • Our team consists of talented individuals who are extremely willing to serve old and new clients alike. We promptly respond to their concerns and act on their suggestions.


Frequently Asked Question Regarding Real Estate Photography

Our team film with a crew of 2 candid cinematographers and 2 Wedding photographers plus one director. Different cameramen specialized on different lenses and styles including aerial and underwater make sure the entire event is well covered. We don’t recommend a reduction in crew if its more than 200 members it will certainly not affect the cost except in special cases. This multi-camera set up allows us to capture things more naturally as and when they happen.

The standard package includes three different wedding films and all digital photographs (candid and documentary) –  1) Full wedding Films (FF) 2.  The wedding highlight film of 25-30 minutes 3. A three-minute trailer. All films and photos are delivered on a 1 terabyte hard drive provided to us by you.

The still team and video team both should have co-ordination for the benefit of client coverage during their wedding. Although we prefer when the client goes for both but we are comfortable with handling any one of them as per the convenience of the client.

We are comfortable anywhere across the boundaries as per the satisfaction of our clients and need but our office base for wedding photography is in Udaipur.

Songs and music selection for the movies and videos is a mutual decision of the director, client and our editors. Normally the creative handler of the project takes care of all these details. Titles are suggested by the client and director and finalized with the mutual consent.


Mwac is just into coverage but having worked with some top-rated Pre-wedding & Destination wedding planners, can suggest the name of some to our clients. As a good managing team and a good décor make the wedding more eye-catchy.


Absolutely and they will love their names on the big screen just like a feature film are edited.


One album can have 180-200 images you wish you print. All the images are edited and the album is customized as per the demand of clients. The page size of the album is 12 inches by 12 inches. The cost of the album varies depending upon the quality. Size of the album may vary according to region and demand.


Food accommodation and travel costs are borne by you. Album charges are paid separately if not included in the contract. In addition, hard drive and pen drive need to be provided by you for the final delivery of images and videos. Any additional day of shooting is chargeable (if not included in the contract)


Demand for Real Estate Photography in India 

The Indian market is observing a steadfast increase in real estate photography. The job of a real estate photographer is to create a virtual feel of the site with his photography skills. Our expert team knows the art of clicking a various angles that adds value to the property. Light effects, creating ambience, lively feeling are also a part of the capturing image. Our trained and professional team of real estate photography teams undergo regular training to learn the new art and technology needed to create high-quality photos and videos. These captures serve as a tool for sales and marketing in online as well offline media.

Adding new dimensions to Real Estate Photography

We at Man With A Camera take great pride at the premium photos we deliver. Business houses opt for our services, which entail Google virtual tours, premium photography, aerial photography, and videos. We give new insights and perspectives to real estate locations. A virtual walk across the property gives an element of reality to the model. Photographs and videos serve as an advertising tool on social media, websites, and traditional advertising. Enhancing the geographical presence and growth expansion is our forte. We at MWAC have successfully delivered our services to hundreds of clients. By channelizing technology and innovation is the correct manner we have attracted both small and large organizations. 

Best Real Estate photographers in Rajasthan

Man With A Camera was the first company to introduce 360 setting photography. We are the best photographers in Jaipur and Udaipur. For any photography related requirement simply connect with us. We have captured photographs that relate to Fashion, Products, Travel, Weddings, Real Estate, and more. You will certainly be left mesmerized by our service quality. We have won many clients by recommendations and references of the existing happy clientele list. We offer economical packages and perform services in a range of cities. We keep our team constantly updated with the latest technology and work standards. Be it photography of a flat, building, land factory or for instance any site, we deliver the finest output. Constant improvements and innovation have led us grow to new heights.