Wedding photographer in AJMER.

 We love how colorful, energetic, traditional Ajmer weddings can be. From decoration to foods, from makeup to dress up, and of course, the two most beautiful souls bind with love, everything is so different and unique in its way that we can’t resist ourselves to capture it. We find ourselves lucky that we can be a part of your most important day. And we found ourselves more fortunate that we can frame your day and make it a beautiful memory. The Man with a Camera welcomes you to the world where you can make your love story timeless, capturing your natural wedding moments.

Ajmer wedding photography showcase
Ajmer wedding VIDEO showcase

Best team of Wedding Photographers In Ajmer

If you are looking for a photographer who will uniquely portray your love story, if you live in Ajmer, if you want to capture your love story in a timeless frame, then we are here with you. We have been creating stories for a few years now, having plenty of satisfied customers across the city. 

We try to frame not only your wedding but also the excitements, beauty, decorations, people and of course the love that you both have for each other. We are known for our detailed yet straightforward and unique perception that crafts an unforgettable wedding album.

How we create wedding photography stories in Ajmer

We blend our creativity into your tale. Our perception, dramatic composition, usage of lighting and blends of colors, and unique post-production makes every frame count. We try to provide our best to make your wedding tale fashionable and trendy. 

Mixing the environment and subjects to create a unique image is what we do. Our simple step by step video graphic technique and naturalistic way makes your wedding video nothing less than a beautiful romantic comedy. And not to forget we are quite traditional.


F.A.Q Regarding Wedding Photographer In Ajmer

Our team film with a crew of 2 candid cinematographers and 2 Wedding photographers plus one director. Different cameramen specialized on different lenses and styles including aerial and underwater make sure the entire event is well covered. We don’t recommend a reduction in crew if its more than 200 members it will certainly not affect the cost except in special cases. This multi-camera set up allows us to capture things more naturally as and when they happen.

The standard package includes three different wedding films and all digital photographs (candid and documentary) –  1) Full wedding Films (FF) 2.  The wedding highlight film of 25-30 minutes 3. A three-minute trailer. All films and photos are delivered on a 1 terabyte hard drive provided to us by you.

The still team and video team both should have co-ordination for the benefit of client coverage during their wedding. Although we prefer when the client goes for both but we are comfortable with handling any one of them as per the convenience of the client.

We are comfortable anywhere across the boundaries as per the satisfaction of our clients and need but our office base for wedding photography is in Udaipur.

Songs and music selection for the movies and videos is a mutual decision of the director, client and our editors. Normally the creative handler of the project takes care of all these details. Titles are suggested by the client and director and finalized with the mutual consent.


Mwac is just into coverage but having worked with some top-rated Pre-wedding & Destination wedding planners, can suggest the name of some to our clients. As a good managing team and a good décor make the wedding more eye-catchy.


Absolutely and they will love their names on the big screen just like a feature film are edited.


One album can have 180-200 images you wish you print. All the images are edited and the album is customized as per the demand of clients. The page size of the album is 12 inches by 12 inches. The cost of the album varies depending upon the quality. Size of the album may vary according to region and demand.


Food accommodation and travel costs are borne by you. Album charges are paid separately if not included in the contract. In addition, hard drive and pen drive need to be provided by you for the final delivery of images and videos. Any additional day of shooting is chargeable (if not included in the contract)


Who are we ?

The Man with a Camera is a wedding photographer who covers weddings in Ajmer, known for his unique photographic sense, compositions, creativity, and amazingly unique post-production. We believe that honesty, passion, hard work, and our love for what we do make our every wedding story a fairytale, and we are here to create yours.

Why us as pre-wedding & wedding photographer in Ajmer

Whenever you look at your wedding photographs, our motto is to create a smile on your face. We provide the best photographic experience that you can have during your pre-wedding and wedding photo-shoots.

The Man with a Camera is an Ajmer based pre-wedding and wedding photographer, who also covers the weddings in Udaipur and Jodhpur, ties the tradition and trend in the same string with his photography.

Wedding is the unordinary day of your regular life, where everything about you is eye-catching. We try to capture your special day uniquely that even if the memories fade away, the photos will always take you there.

The Man with a Camera also tries to shoot your pre-wedding in his unique style so that your love story gets a fairytale touch. The photos always remain as the reflection of your love.

why we insist for pre-wedding photography in Ajmer

Photography of pre-wedding is a feature of a new union in which the would-be bride and groom find an opportunity to portray their love around each other. It’s time for romance to be in the air and to find ways to express itself. The couple loves taking pictures and rehearsals for the wedding shot. The Pre Wedding photographer captures different moods and tempers with moments depicting the closeness of the two planning to start a new household. Also with amazing location like kishangarh which is 30 km away from Ajmer and 70 km from Jaipur make pre wedding more beautiful and not to mention Pushkar as its own vibes for prewedding in Ajmer

Importance of Best wedding photographer in Ajmer

Take a genius candid photographer in Ajmer on board for the memorable day of your life. On earth, the ultimate pleasure marries the person you love. Right in the midst of everyday life, when you tie the knot with what you adore, you get a chance to live a fairy tale. You nevertheless need the best wedding photographer to document your unforgettable moments in life, so that you can live and cherish them with your significant others again and again. A substantial number of marriages have been covered successfully by the Man with a Camera with our team of smart creators. It has always been our first passion to express beautiful feelings through lenses, and you can sense them if you visit our gallery. Each candid photographer working with us has a distinctive photographic style that represents the imagery for couples they love all their lives. From a modern pre-wedding to a traditional wedding we cover all in our unique way so that your love story that you want to share can be written through our lenses.

How to reach out wedding photographer in Ajmer - wedding photographer near me

Due to covid, we are avoiding direct reach please call us before visiting the office at –+91-969939332

7/451 Opposite Lodha House, Naya Bazar, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305001