Wedding photographer in india.

Weddings hold immense significance and bear testimony to the love of two hearts. Such an event needs to be frozen in time for the families and loved ones. Wedding Photography has gained great importance in recent years. No wedding in India and abroad is complete without genuine smiles and a camera to capture it. A wedding photographer aims to add magic, beauty, and happiness to the photographs. This is a golden event, which needs to be safely secured with happy memories. Investing in a wedding photographer can go a long way in reliving the old and blissful times.

wedding photography showcase
wedding photography showcase

Best team of Wedding Photographers In India

Your search for a wedding photographer in India ends with MWAC. Our skills in natural photography bring love and life into each picture. The best wedding photographers in Udaipur and the Best wedding photographer in Jaipur have produced some marvelous works in the past. This Indian Wedding photographer team successfully translate the idea of a grand wedding into reality. This profession is increasingly gaining mass attraction and is being pursued widely.

MWAC boosts of excellent goodwill and experienced team of photographers. Weddings in India are not a usual affair. They require the best of settings and aesthetics. Therefore, do not think twice before choosing us as your  Indian wedding photographers. We are able and proficient like none other.

Why must you consider MWAC?

We are an experienced and passionate team of wedding photographers and cinematographers who preserve love in a picture. We began our journey in Udaipur and today we are open to cover destination weddings in various locations. We invest a lot of time and effort in understanding the requirement of clients and deliver as per their wishes. We offer economical prices and try to add something special in every marriage by the sheer quality of photographs we deliver.

  1. We form a very healthy and compassionate relationship with our clients
  2. We are open to suggestions from the couple getting married to fulfill all their wishes
  3. Our services encompass all wedding-related requirements – Cinematography, Videography, and Photography.
  4. Our photographs have received appraisal from leading agencies and companies. Newspapers and Magazines too have highlighted our works.
  5. Our vision is to deliver quality by upholding the values of dedication, patience, timely delivery of services, and innovation.


Frequently Asked Question Regarding Wedding Photographer In India

We provide Documentary photography, Documentary videographer which is also know as traditional photographer and videographer, candid photographer, Cinematographer, drone photography and album.

we understand wedding photography is an serious affair and a moment miss will never come back. Our all photographer and videographer is highly trained and professional who never miss a single moment which is special to you. 

Three thing we consider in professional photographer

1.Puntual on time

2. knows what is important moments

3. deliver high quality

We have a different packages as we understand every wedding as different requirement and needs to know more do call us on +91-9696939332 0r fill out our contact form.

Well its up to you how you wanted to proceed but we highly recommend to choose single team for both bride and groom as they will coordinate with team very well and know both family important family members

  • Yes, its whether its an home intimated event or grand wedding every photos captured will make to nostalgia when you look after a decade. 

We do have various contact which we can suggest you but GOOGLE is a best answer for your query as it can suggest you best wedding photographer available near your location 

yes Tales of Nuptial is an man with a camera entity which specialized in Candid wedding photography and cinematography. which is solely focused on wedding photography  

Wedding Photography: An extremely grand affair

Weddings in India are not limited to the couple but the families at large. There are several other functions that buzz with love and light therefore, it is vital to capture them. Man With A Camera is a leading company founded by Rohit Kothari. In India, there are a number of renowned wedding photography companies, which capture magic so flawlessly. Rajasthan is a go-to location for hosting grand and gala marriage festivities. At a wedding, everything makes a difference. From costumes, location, music, theme, and scenes all leave a unique mark. Choosing these things wisely makes a lot of difference.

Capturing the beauty of Love and Marriage

Weddings today are a grand affair and are spread over a couple of days. To embrace the fun and festivities in true spirit the need for a good wedding photographer becomes all the more essential. The marriage of two families is an event to celebrate and cherish all through our lifetime. Our primary range of services covers photo books and albums, event shoots, postproduction, couple shoots, and cinematography. Therefore never make a sacrifice in settling for the second-best. We at Man With A Camera have instilled the spirit of belongingness among our team. They consider every couple as some dear friends and try to get into their love story. By being on the same page their photographs reflect a natural spirit.

Best Wedding Photographer in India

A big day like marriage needs to be clicked with an element of freshness and simplicity. Man With A Camera is a leading company, which is specializing in crafting wedding memories. Whether you are looking for a wedding photographer in Ajmer or the Best wedding photographer in Jodhpur we cover almost all cities. we embarked upon the photography journey in 2012. Ever since then it has continuously molded itself to capture with creativity. The pictures taken by them are worth the wait and never leave the couple regretting. From traditional to candid photography we provide client-specific solutions. Our services in the wedding sector also entail cinematic videography and pre-wedding photo-shoots and videos.