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Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer most frequently asked a question here for your convenience. In case you still want to ask something feel free to mail us at [email protected]

What is the typical team strength of Mwac that will be travelling to cover my wedding?

Our team film with a crew of 2-3 candid cinematographers and 2-3 photographers (documentary style) plus one director. Different cameramen specialized on different lenses and styles including aerial and underwater make sure the entire event is well covered. We don’t recommend a reduction in crew and this will certainly not affect the cost except in special cases. This multi-camera set up allows us to capture things more naturally as and when they happen.

What are the common deliverable that we can expect as part of the package?

Standard package includes three different wedding films and all digital photographs (candid and documentary) –  1) Full wedding Films (FF) 2.  The wedding highlight film of 25-30 minutes 3. A three-minute trailer. All films and photos are delivered on a 1 terabyte hard drive provided to us by you.

Can I go for only still photographs or video or has to be both?

The still team and video team both should have co-ordination for the benefit of client coverage during their wedding. Although we prefer when client goes for both but we are comfortable with handling any one of them as per the convenience of the client.

Which all locations does MWAC team travel to cover weddings?

We are comfortable anywhere across the boundaries as per the satisfaction of our clients and need.

Who picks the music and film titles for the movies that are released?

Songs and music selection for the movies and videos is a mutual decision of the director, client and our editors. Normally the creative handler of the project takes care of all these details. Titles are suggested by the client and director and finalized with the mutual consent.

Is MWAC into wedding planning or just coverage?

Mwac is just into coverage but having worked with some top rated wedding planners, can suggest the name of some to our clients. As a good managing team and a good décor makes the wedding more eye catchy.

Will our wedding planners, other vendors name feature in the film?

Absolutely and they will love their names on the big screen just like a feature film.

Can MWAC prepare a coffee table book or album of the photographs?

One album can have 180-200 images you wish you print. All the images are edited and album is customized as per the demand of clients. Page size of album is 12 inches by 12 inches. The cost of album varies depending upon the quality. Size of the album may vary according to region and demand.

Are there any other hidden costs other than the ones mentioned to us prior to sign-off?

Food accommodation and travel costs are borne by you. Album charges are paid separately if not included in the contract. In addition, hard drive and pen drive need to be provided by you for the final delivery of images and videos. Any additional day of shooting is chargeable (if not included in the contract)

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