What Makes A Photogenic Face?

What Makes A Photogenic Face?

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In today’s age of social media, appearance is something that matters the most. Many people in social media look mind-boggling in their pictures, while many struggle as they miss out on the essence of being photogenic. Being photogenic is one of the most crucial elements in today’s digital age.

You have definitely noticed pictures of your photogenic friends or relatives on Facebook or Instagram looking just gorgeous. Well, if you are struggling to have hands-on those perfect shots in this social media-obsessed world, here is something for you. 

We present you with the best personal photography tricks that will help you get those rocking pictures. So let’s dive in. 

What is Photogenic? 

Being photogenic is simple yet complicated. In simple words, it’s actually getting the perfect pictures to rock on social media. So, how to become photogenic if you are tired of your ugly pictures? Here are some exceptional tips for you. 

How to get a photogenic face?

Getting photogenic looks is not that challenging. It is actually how you design and carry out your looks to get stunning pictures. It is the blend of facial expressions, eyes, and posing that plays a prominent role in getting those fantastic images.

Here are the thumb rules to follow while posing for a picture for photogenic face – 

1. Be 100% active while shooting your pictures. Avoid blinking or moving your pupil when the photographer clicks your photographs. 

2. Don’t move unnecessarily and try to stand still why your pictures are being captured. 

3. Makeup or touch-up is essential for your shooting. If you are shooting in outdoor locations keep a makeup box handy. Avoid spoiling your makeup. 

4. Try to be real. Do fake any pose or smile. Try to give a natural smiling look in front of the lens. 

Photogenic faces are great for elevating your self-confidence as well as physical appearance. If you desire to pursue a career in modeling or acting, a photogenic face is something that can boost your career scope. However, being photogenic is not an inborn skill. After keen understanding and efficient practice, you turn to this game, indulging in several shoots, understanding which expressions suit you.

So, here we are at the methods to get a photogenic face – 

What Makes A Photogenic Face?

Visualize your appearance beforehand: The key ingredient to get a photogenic face is to visualize the image much before its actual appearance. Well, this is something that one masters with time and experience. You can’t just match your expectations and reality right from the start.

However, with practice, you can accurately imagine the result of the photos captured. To virtualize, start creating a dream image of the scene in your mind, visualize the angles, the lighting conditions and squeeze out the best result in your mind to implement that strategy. 

Facial Expressions: All adorable pictures stand on the fronts of gorgeous facial looks. You just can’t expect incredible-looking pictures with some blank facial expressions. To get the perfect shots, you need to play with your expressions to blend out the best. If you desire to be a professional model, the game of facial expression is something to be mastered.

Practice performing several types of looks like sad, angry, happy, fearful, and more. Remember, it is your facial expressions that can change the essence of your pictures. Although there are tons of applications to make your face better on today’s date, to be a professional model ensures to take good care of your skin. Keep your face clean and smooth. Ensure to follow a skincare routine to get healthy skin, which will definitely compliment your pictures. 

Know your best angles: Angles are something that manipulates your pictures. Make sure to select the best angles to get the perfect images. Although if your photographer is experienced, he may assist you to choose the angles, nobody knows you better than yourself. Therefore make sure you know which angles give you better shots. While taking the pictures, try to drop your chin slightly down and adjust it forward to display a better line. 

Be confident and make yourself comfortable: Act naturally in the pictures. Do not panic. Make yourself comfortable with the environment, as any discomfort will pop up in the photos. Project confidence and carry grace in your personality. This will help you get those exciting shots, depicting a positive vibe to the viewers. 

Learn from your mistakes: Hand down; you will definitely spoil up things in your first shoot. It’s pretty apparent that you will get a bunch of bad pictures. But don’t let it demoralize you. Analyze, learn, adapt and improve. Analyze where you are going wrong or which expression is spoiling your photos. Learn how to improvise to get the best shots. Adopt best practices to boost your confidence. And at last, practice to improve. 

Practice in Mirror: If you want the best picture or you desire a professional model, make the mirror your companion. It might feel a bit weird, but to boost your confidence, you must act in front of the mirror every day. Regular practice will make you more comfortable in the striking pose in front of the camera and will help you overcome camera phobia. 

indian women photogenic face

Do’s to Get the Perfect Photogenic face. 

  • Embrace your beauty. Don’t underrate yourself by comparing yourself with others. 
  • Play with angels to get the best shots. 
  • Work on your facial expressions. 
  • Burnish your physical traits like hairs, lips, eyes, face, and others. 
  • Try to be present with realistic looks and do not act unnaturally. 
  • Make yourself comfortable in the shooting environment and interact with the photographer. 
  • Find the perfect blend of moves, expressions and carry them efficiently. 

Don’ts to Get the Best Photogenic Looks

  • Do not take the pictures from an inappropriate distance. Make sure to maintain the perfect distance from the camera. 
  • Don’t panic or present an uncomfortable look in your pictures. 
  • Don’t move your eyes quickly or blink while your photo is being clicked. 
  • Don’t apply excessive makeup, which will end up making your pictures overexposed or give you an unnatural look. 
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